Mukwonago Masonic Center

Laflin/St. James Lodge #247 Free & Accepted Masons

The Masonic fraternity, or Freemasonry, consists of men of high moral character who are willing to express faith in God and have an interest in expanding their knowledge.

Masonry originated in Medieval times when the great cathedrals of Europe were built. The stonemasons who created those awe-inspiring Gothic structures formed craft guilds to protect the secrets of their trade and to pass on their knowledge to worthy apprentices. In 17th Century England, these guilds began accepting honorary members, men of learning and position. These new members were not working stonemasons, but as Accepted Masons their association grew into a separate organization called Freemasonry.

Freemasons were meeting in Wisconsin as early as 1823, in what is now Green Bay. The Grand Lodge of Masons in Wisconsin was formed in 1843, five years before Wisconsin’s statehood.

St.James Lodge #41, East Troy, first met in July 1853. In February 1891 the members resolved that some of them should establish a new Lodge at Mukwonago, Laflin Lodge # 247. In November 2001, these two Lodges again became one, Laflin/St. James #247.

Freemasonry has an outstanding record for helping others. Along with scholarships and loan funds to assist young people in furthering their education, Masons support many other community-based charitable projects such as providing defibrillators for schools.