O.E.S. History


Historical Information



1892 – 1901


            Early years – chapters divided into districts

            Meetings started – had a recess for refreshments – then finished meeting, entertainment was often a reading

            Installations were held jointly with Masons

            Paid U & U church 25 cents for use of their spoons

            Eventually purchased our own spoons for $13

            Often held lawn socials

            Grand Chapter dues – $9.50

            Minutes of 1896 – “all departed for home inspired with renewed affection for our beloved order.”

            Petition for a person – not in our district so could not join LaBelle

            Fund raising – Sister Camp painted a picture and Chapter sold tickets for a drawing

            Fine of 25 cents if person appointed to prepare a program failed to have a program

            Lunch – popcorn, apples, and hickory nuts

            1900 – Floral Degree done at Grand Chapter



1902 – 1918


            Continued social events

            WGM asked for donation for flood sufferers – Chapter sent $3

            Hired a bus to go to a funeral

            Robes were used for Initiation



1919 – 1924


            Grand Chapter dues – $36.95 (from the Chapter)

            Meetings changed from Saturday to Thursday

            Luncheons were served to raise money

            At one meeting – chapter opened, then proceeded to Craig home to conduct funeral ceremony for Rebecca Craig – returned to Chapter to close meeting

            Paid Organist  $2.50 for half a year

            Dues were increased from $1.00 to $2.00

            Benefit dance for Laflin Lodge to raise money for regalia for the Lodge


1925 – 1928


            Continued joint Installations with Lodge

            Card parties held to supply kitchen

            October 1926 – Masonic Center cornerstone laid – LaBelle provided the luncheon

            Chapter gave piano to Laflin Lodge

            Price of new Lodge – $4500 more than expected – LaBelle was asked to raise $2000 to help with the increased cost

            Another flood – this time Chapter gave $10.00

            Bill for drapes for ladies parlor – $69.42



1929 – 1933


            Secretary given $5 annually for her work

            First Associate Patron elected – Henry Hammond (Carol, daughter, present) – new badge for AP – $2.29

            Purchased two windows in balcony for $37.11

            Brother Hunter made gavel, sunshine box, box for badges, serving cabinet in ladies parlor (still see is craftsmanship in wooden items in lobby)



1934 – 1941


            Fundraising – card parties, lawn parties, bake sales, plate lunches on Election Day, Alumni Banquet for high school

            After meeting – “enjoyed a wiener roast around the fireplace in lobby”

            Gave Lodge $200 rent

            1938 – membership was 70

            Official Visitor told Chapter that Sunshine march not part of Ritual – should be done after meeting is closed

            Adah – wears veil during Initiation

            Bought dishes for kitchen to serve 150 people

            Meeting attendance often more than 80 people

            Changed meeting from 8:00 to 7:30 p.m.



1941 – 1946


            Sister Paulson – from Idaho – visited – gave LaBelle weaving of labyrinth

            War years – contributed to Soldier Kit Fund of Waukesha County

            Committee for sugar rationing

            Bought war bonds

            At one meeting – recess was called for black out

            Had to ask for coffee from rationing board to have coffee for election day dinner (50 cents a plate) – could not get meat for election dinner

            Helped with rolling bandages

            Attendance – 93 – had attendance contests

            Bill for a Red Book – 25 cents

            Had a Victory Clothing Drive

            Refreshments – melons and cupcakes (Orin and Mabel Craig)

            1946 – Chapter grown – WM and WP and officers would change every year, rather than every two years



1946 – 1952


            A monthly newsletter was suggested – The Ray (January 1946)

            Played “Hookie” after the meeting

            Bethel 10 exemplified Ritual work – 110 present

            Had basket social to raise money for “duplicator” (to print The Ray)

            Continued serving election day dinners and alumni banquets

            Secretary was given $20, Treasurer – $10

            Continued joint Installations with the Lodge

            Meeting attendance – 40 to 100 people

            Invited a friend – friend did Initiatory work

            Adah’s veil – $2.30

            Ladies from Congregational Church served Official Visit banquet

            Entertainment – Congregational Church choir

            Membership had grown to 153



1959 – 1961


            Gave Masons $590.29 to help pay for new furnace

            $150 to Masons for use of the building


1971 – 1977


            Official Visit attendance – 78

            Annual dinner – meatballs

            William W. Perry – October 1972 – consolidated with LaBelle (136 at consolidation)

            Grand Chapter raised per capita to $1.50 per member

                        Each chapter sent 3 delegates to represent them at Grand Chapter

            Altar cloth (currently use) made by Dorothy Heinz of North Prairie (hand stitiching)

            Chapter meeting and several events listed in weekly newspaper

            Increased money to Secretary – $50.00 – Treasurer $25

            1973 – sent extra emblems to new chapter in Florida

            1973 – money given to help pay for paneling in dining room

            1975 – voted to have delegates vote NO at Grand Chapter to add $1.00 to per capita


1977 – present


            LaBelle continued to be active – officers frequently helped other chapters

            No longer served Election dinners or had lawn socials

            Members served Grand Chapter on many committees

            LaBelle has had several Grand Officers and a WGM and WGP